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New Safe Sport Policy for Athletes

Each USA Gymnastics athlete member, age 18 or over, should have received a message from USA Gymnastics Members Services regarding the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s requirement that they take the Safe Sport course. 

This is a mandated policy from the U.S. Center for SafeSport. USA Gymnastics, as well as any other National Governing Body within the Olympic movement, is required to implement this policy.

The March 23 deadline for taking the Safe Sport course has been dictated by the Center for SafeSport and not by USA Gymnastics. However, USA Gymnastics has received permission from the Center for SafeSport to not begin auditing athlete compliance with the completion of the Safe Sport Course until April 23. Member Services has updated the effective date in the message included below.

What this means:

  • You should encourage your athletes, age 18 and over, to try to complete the Safe Sport course by March 23.
  • You should inform your athletes, age 18 and over, that after April 23 they will no longer be allowed to participate in any sanctioned event until they have completed the Safe Sport course.  Athletes 18 and older MUST complete the Safe Sport course prior to participating in the Men’s 2019 JO Nationals.
  • When an athlete turns 18 year old, he will have to take the Safe Sport course prior to being able to participate in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event. This requirement extends to all USA Gymnastics sanctioned events including camps and workshops,as well as any activity held at the USOTC. Please work with your athletes to ensure that they are aware of this new requirement as we move forward.

Since we are now well into the championships part of the season for the age group and NCAA programs, the 30-day grace period granted by the Center for SafeSport certainly takes some of the pressure off of athlete compliance within the short window of time that the March 23 deadline dictated. However, all sanctioned events after April 23 will be affected by the requirement.

The first major event that will be affected is the JO National Championships in May. Therefore, it is important that the Regional Chairs and the participating coaches at the respective Regional Championships make the 18 and older age athletes who have qualified JO Nationals aware that they must complete the Safe Sport course prior to being allowed to participate at the JO Nationals.

As noted below, the Safe Sport course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Please be proactive about helping our athletes to fulfill this U.S. Center for SafeSport directive.

Thank you for your time and energy in addressing this important new initiative.

USA Gymnastics



If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact any member of the Men’s Program staff or USA Gymnastics Member Services.