Meet Request Forms and Judge's Fees
August 4, 2017

Good afternoon Region 6:

The newly determined judges fees, which are set just below the national average, for the years 9/2017 - 5/2019 are as follows:


COMPULSORY:                                    OPTIONALS:
FIG $1.60/judgement                           FIG $1.95/judgement
NAT $1.45/judgement                          NAT $1.75/judgement
JO $1.25/judgement                            JO $ 1.25/judgement
Modified Capital Cup will remain at 30%
Minimum 50 Gymnasts
Minimum $90 dollars
Click here for the meet request form.  Please complete this meet request form and email to Billy Callahan to reserve judges and a date for your competition.

All forms should be emailed to by September 1st.




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