List of JO A's 
February 23, 2018

The following is a list of skills that will receive JO A credit at States, Regionals and Nationals.

If your athlete is expecting to get credit for skills not listed in the FIG Code of Points and not listed below, they must be approved via video submission on the NGJA website as a new skill submission.  Written documentation must be presented to the state chairman or regional chairman prior to the competition.  Skills that do not have writen approval prior to the state or regional championships will not be given any credit.

JO A Skills:


There will be no limitations to skills getting credit for a JO A



False Scissor

Single Leg Stockli

Side straddle travel up

One loop immediate cut in

One circle, immediate leg cut



Muscle Up

German Hang (2 second hold)

Press to Shoulder Stand (2 second hold)

Shoulder Stand to Shoulder Stand baby Giant




Shoulder Stand

Bent leg L-Seat

Moy to upper arm hang



Baby Giant

Back Hip Circle


Half Turn

Hop Out’s


Toe On/Off to Handstand

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