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Notices & Announcements



Region 6 Championships Judges Reports

Judge's reports for the Region 6 Championships have been completed.

A hearty thank you to the judge's who participated in the competition and who prepared these reports.  The judging at this year's competition was valid and consistent.  

A special thank you to the head judge's for their time and efforts in preparing these reports.  


Click here for the Judges Report for FX

Click here for the Judges Report for PH

Click here for the Judges Report for SR

Click here for the Judges Report for V

Click here for the Judges Report for PB

Click here for the Judges Report for HB



JO National Qualifiers Workout

The 2018 JO National Qualifiers workout will be on Saturday, April 28th from 2:30 - 6:30 PM at Daggett Gymnastics.

Judges and other evaluators (Billy, Sean, Lorenzo and Daniel) will be available to give routine advise and judgements as needed.  

There will be not cost for the workout.

Athletes must be in competetive attire.

Please fill out the waiver document required to workout at Daggett's for each of your athletes attending.

Coaches, please confirm whether you will be attending and the names of your attending athletes via email to by April 23rd.  

Commit to hit.






Judges' Notes from Black Jack

Three Region 6 judges were invited to judge at the 2018 Black Jack Invitational and Winter Cup.

Each judge prepared notes that summarize their observations on the event they worked.

Their time and efforts are truly appreciated.


Click here for the Vault notes prepared by Billy Callahan.

Click here for the Parallel Bars notes prepared by Richie Ellis.

Click here for the High Bar notes prepared by Sean Monaco.



Rotation Sheets for Region 6 Championships (REVISED!)

Click here for the updated Rotation sheets for the Region 6 Level 6 - 10 & JD Championships.

Please contact with issues.