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Notices & Announcements



2018 Handstands For Hunger




In 2017, the Region 6 Handstands-for-Hunger initiative raised more than $11,000 to combat hunger in the Greater Boston Area.  This is enough to provide more than 30,000 meals.

In 2018, we will step up our efforts and bring some much needed sustenance to the community.

Help us reach our $20,000 goal for 2018.


Click here for the supporting documentation.

Click here for the donation link.


Boys and Girls are encouraged to participate.

All donations must be submitted online by March 31st, 2018.


Gymnastics is much more than medals. 

Gymnastics is community. 

Happy Handstands.


Email Daniel Young at with any questions.








2018 Academic All-American Award

Academic All-American Recognition Award Application

Please highlight the 2018 Academic All-American Award on your website with a link to the information.  Also, shoot out an email to your coaches asking them to get with their high school athletes to see if they are eligible to apply for recognition.  Since making the Academic All-American Recognition Award application an online submission, it has been a great success.  In 2017, we had over 500 submissions – a record!  Here is the link:

Note that the deadline for submission is February 15.

Good luck to al of the applicants.



FOGG Scholarship Application

Gymnastics Coaches, Officials, and Friends have been gathering for over 44 years for a golf outing, coming together to raise funds to benefit Gymnastics in Region 6.

Founders of this event and major contributors have been George Jessup, Dwight Church, Ray Willock, Bill Jones, George Wheeler, John Redmon and Steve Randall. 

Over the years, the event has produced new ideas to keep our sport growing.  Our scholarships encourage our gymnasts to continue to pursue a higher level of gymnastics and academic achievement.  Last year volunteers from the Gymnastic Community raised over $5,000 towards scholarship funds.

Click here for a link to this years FOGG Scholarship Application.


Thank you for supporting our Gymnasts and Region.





2018 JO Nationals Link

The official link to the JO Nationals website is up and working.

Click here or on the link to the left of the Region 6 Website (National Championship).