Welcome to Region 6

Gotta Hit 6 for 6. #646

Hit your routines.

It’s not how much time that you put in, it’s what you put in your time that counts.

Region 6 men’s gymnastics wishes all of the athletes, coaches, parents and judges good luck during the competition season.

Go Region 6!


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Coaches and Athletes:

Be sure that the following items are current:

1.  USA Gymnastics membership

2.  background check

3.  safety course

4.  U-100 course

All coaches and athletes must have current USA Gymnastics membership numbers.  All coaches must also have current background checks, and have current numbers that reflect completion of both the USA Gymnastics safety course and the U-100 course.

Athletes and coaches with expired numbers will not be allowed onto the competition floor during sanctioned events.

No exceptions will be made.

In the case of difficulties completing this process, please contact USA Gymnastics or the Region 6 chairman.

Note: To enter athletes into sanctioned events:

1.  Go to USAgym.org and sign in

2.  Click on “member services”

3.  Click on “club administrator”

4.  Click on “membership verification”

5.  Click on “search for meet”

6.  Choose the “state”, “discipline”, and “type of meet (exhibition)”

7.  Choose your athletes and submit

To Region 6:

It is my honor to be appointed the regional chairman for Region 6 men’s gymnastics.  I will advocate for and strengthen men’s gymnastics in our region.

I started gymnastics at Ellis Gymnastics at two years old and competed in Region 6 from ages 7 – 18.  I won a gold medal on parallel bars at JO Nationals and then went on to UMass, Amherst and was a member of the first ECAC gymnastics champions in school history.  I have been coaching in the region since I can remember, contributing toward the success of Junior National Team members, JO national pommel horse champions and many other amazingly talented athletes and students.

Since graduating UMass with a degree in Exercise Physiology, I earned a doctorate in movement and rehabilitation sciences from Sargent College at Boston University.  My dissertation was focused on Parkinson’s disease and the use of visual perception during locomotion.  Currently, I am a full time professor at UMass Boston in the Exercise and Health Sciences department.

Representing this region is a task that I will not take lightly.  I have learned so many skills, lessons, and values from countless coaches, judges and people in this region that it is time to give back.  Region 6 gymnastics is a valuable resource to our children, bringing opportunity and health, teaching team-work and dedication, and fostering independence and courage among our young athletes.

Please contact me directly at 617-285-0406 with any questions or concerns you have about this season, or any of the recent changes.

Let’s work together to make Region 6 gymnastics a place for champions.

Daniel E. Young, Sc.D.

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