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Notices & Announcements



2016 Future Stars Clinic

This is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event


2016 Region 6 Future Stars Information

2016 Future Stars Clinic

October 2nd at M.E.G.A. from 12:00 - 4:00.

725 Main St., Millis, MA 02054



This is a sanctioned event.  Please register through  Athletes and coaches without current membership ID, safety certification, or current background checks will not be allowed on the floor.  

Athletes should wear competitive attire.  Coaches must wear a collared shirt.


All Athletes will receive an evaluation sheet.  More information will be made available shortly.


The future stars clinic will be $50 for each athlete.  Coaches, please send one check for all athletes from your gym, payable to "USA Gymnastics Region 6 Men's," to Daniel Young prior to the clinic or bring payment to the event.

223 Essex Street

Melrose, MA 02176


Additional Event Focus Points:

Event Focus Points:  Use video, ipad, Coaches’ Eye, and metronomes

Understand the Bonuses and their impact on overall score.


Floor Exercise:

8 – 10 year olds:     Arm pull down on round off and back handsprings; vertical takeoff on dive roll and dismount; tight stretch in dive roll; tumble on a line; open out of your back tuck;  stick your landings; use a metronome.

11+:  Arm pull down on round off and back handsprings; leave the floor with feet facing forward on Arabian; Double leg hurdles; vertical takeoff on dive roll and dismount; tumble on a line; stick your landings; use a metronome.


Pommel Horse:

8 year olds:  Start with both hands on mushroom; no skewing hands; use a metronome; turn hips

9 year olds:  Back loops; No skewing (use tape lines); use a metronome; turn hips

10 year olds: Be sure to count circles correctly; no skewing; keep hips turned; use metronome

11+ year olds:  Counter rotation and No skewing; Use metronome; count circles and travels correctly


Still Rings:

8 – 10 year olds:  Rings parallel or wider on all support skills; inlocates and dislocates with shoulders above rings; Get feet horizontal, 45 degrees or between straps; No arching in the back on turn over swings 

11+: Straight arm press to handstand; Rings parallel or wider on all support skills; Feet between cables and shoulders at ring height on swings; Open dismount before horizontal; Handstands aligned with cables; stick your landings.



Watch this video

8 and 9 year olds:  Speed up with every step; straight body at board strike; open body before landing

10 year olds:  Straight body and vertical off table; On-Off, In-Out

11+ year olds:  Center of Gravity; 4 distinct shapes: On-Off, In-Out; Stack up mats and do “Tom Meadows” drills


Parallel Bars:

8 year olds: Swing higher than the bars; swing handstands; hold handstands

9 year olds: Understand the sequence; swing higher than the bars; swing handstand to hold; bail to flyaway

10 year olds:  Giants; Open hips during swings; early pirouette; THIS ROUTINE IS DIFFICULT.

11+ year olds:  Giants without traveling; Extend shoulders and hips on the glide kip; open hips during swings; peaches without travelingearly pirouette to 3 second hold


High Bar:

8 year olds:  Free hips with shifted wrists; hollow in the front and back of all swings

9 year olds:  Free hip from high start; Giants; swing half turns

10 year olds:  Free hip from giants; swing half turns; Straight handstand at the top of all giants; Vertical rise on dismount; use metronome

11+:  Use a metronome; Hecht tap backuprise to 45˚; hop ½ turns; early pirouettes; straight handstand at the top of all giants; vertical dismount


Flexibility Routine:

1.  Step forward (leg horizontal) and raise arms to vertical

2.  Single leg prone fall (leg past vertical)

3.  Push to support

4.  Right leg swing forward to split (arms horizontal)

5.  1-2-3

6.  Turn to center split (arms horizontal)

7.  1-2-3

8.  90 degree pancake in prone position (arms vertical)

9.  1-2-3

10.  Slide legs back through split to prone position (upper body on floor)

11.  Push arms straight and go directly to

12.  Left leg split (arms horizontal)

13.  1-2-3

14.  Back leg forward to pike

15.  Push to bridge (arms shoulder width)

16.  1-2-3

17.  Lower down and reach arms back to shoulder stretch (arms shoulder width)

18.  1-2-3

19.  Sit up to Pike and reach to stretch (hands on floor reaching)

20.  1-2-3

21.  Pike sit (arms horizontal)




Springfield College Highlights and Schedule

Springfield College 2016 Men’s Gymnastics Season Highlights

ECAC Conference Championships

Team 4th – 406.300

All ECAC top 6 place winners

  1. 1.        Jon Zirna-  All-Around- 5th- 81.80, PH- 2nd- 14.20, PB-6th- 14.45.
  2. 2.       Josh Dieker- R- 6th-14.45.

Other ECAC gymnasts making finals were Tucker McClure- PH,V,FX., Jannik Haas- PB

USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships

Team- 4th 402.60

All-American- Top 6 place winners

  1. 1.        Jon Zirna- All-Around- 5th- 82.00, PH- 2nd-14.750, PB-6th- 13.925
  2. 2.       Josh Dieker- R- 6th-13.750.

Other USAG gymnasts making finals were Nick Jama- FX, and Tucker McClure- V, HB, PH.

NCAA Championships

Six gymnasts qualified for NCAA’s including- Tucker McClure- FX, V, HB, Jon Zirna- AA, Josh Dieker- R, Chris Graff- PH, Mike Grimaldi- PB, and Jannik Hass- PB

Jon Zirna- qualified for PB Finals scoring 13.550 and becoming only the 3rd gymnast coached by Coach Posner to compete in NCAA finals in the past 34 years.

Team Scoring Records broken on PB by Jon Zirna with a score of 14.80 at the West Point Open. For all his achievements throughout the season Jon was voted one of three Springfield College Individual Sport Winners of the year!


Team GPA 3.391- 4th best in the Nation

10 All-American Scholar Athletes

Please save the date for our 2017 New England Gymnastics Championship for level 10 boys and Collegiate Competitors. 
The date will be Sunday February 5th at 2 PM in our Springfield College Blake Arena.
Tom Fontecchio will be holding a boys meet before our session as well.


2017 Men’s Gymnastics Schedule 

Intersquad Showcase Sat Dec 3  @ 1 PM

SC vs Columbia Club team-  Sunday Dec 11 @ 1 PM (*still pending)

Gymnastics Exhibition Show October 14 & 15 fri-sat 2016- 7:30 PM


West Point Open                             Jan 13-14 fri-sat               @Army  7PM                                    

Navy Open                                      Jan 21 sat                        @ Navy  2pm

Penn State                                      Jan 29 Sunday                 Home 1pm

New England Invitational                 Feb 5 Sunday                   Home 2pm

Army                                              Feb 25 Sat                        @Army 1PM

Army & Navy                                  March 5th                          Home *Co-Ed 1PM

Army & Wiilliam & Mary                   March 12 Sund                 Home 1PM

USAG                                              March 24-25 fri-sat          @ Univ of Washington

ECAC                                               April 8  Sat                      @ Univ of Illinois Chicago- 1PM

NCAA                                               April 21-22                      @ Army TBA

Our competition on March 5th will also be in conjunction with our women's team so bring your girls team too! Also be sure to follow our season on our team website at  
Please check times and dates on our website for possible changes before attending our competitions.
Best Wishes for a successful season.
Coach Steve Posner


2016 - 2020 JO Rules and Essential Elements Webinar

Region 6,
Below is a link for the JO Rules and Essential Elements webinar conducted by Marc Yancey and Mike Serra.  
You can also review other archived webinars by visiting the website at:



2016 - 2017 Meet Registration Form

The 2016-17 competition is quickly approaching.
Many of you have been requesting possible dates to save. 
Please Fill out the attached form and get it back to me as soon as possible so that I can accommodate your meet needs. 
Please keep in mind the Invitationals as well when filling out your meet dates.
Thank you and look forward to a great year of gymnastics ahead.


Billy Callahan